So Cold…

Have I mentioned that I hate cold?  Seriously…

Last weekend was so nice.. and now its back to freezing.  They’re saying it might even snow here tonight. Snow…. I moved here to get away from that stuff!!!! And from cold. Its not supposed to be cold here!   Even the freaking cat is freezing. Not Mumble, she’s good… all that hair. But Kimosimi is miserable too.  Kalila doesn’t want to get out of bed lol.  Zavier is crazy like his Baba. Doesn’t seem to notice.  No seriously I’m glad he doesn’t.  Well for the most part he doesn’t anyway. Diaper changes are an issue. I feel horrible for the poor little guy every time we have to change him.  I want the sun back…

Sigh… So I have until Dec to convince Baba we should move somewhere along the equator?  I’d kick myself for not listening to Grandpa when he told me to do that except I wouldn’t have met Baba and everything lol.


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