The Cutie-est Baby Ever

This has been an interesting week… not bad (lots of good parts) just interesting.

Lets see (in no particular order):

Jas wanted to have a Lebanese food night. We did that Weds and had Uncle Bud/Tia Sallie over.  Was nice… My first attempt at making stuffed squash, I think I need practice but it didn’t turn out too bad lol.  The kibbe on the other hand… somehow I got too much bulgar in it :-/   No issues w/ the tabbouli (have the past few times for various reasons) so that made me happy.

Trying to meet up with someone via Eats on Feets all week.. hasn’t happened yet. Hoping tomorrow.We have a good amount of plans set for tomorrow though so who knows.

Kalila told me that Zavier is the “cutie-est baby ever”. LOL  We had a nice talk after that about how she’s doing w/ having a baby brother and while she is showing some jealousy signs lately… no worries there. She loves him and says its fun having a baby/having a brother.

We made cookies. Oatmeal and dried cranberry.  Kalila did a lot of it… I measured, she poured. I mixed… she didn’t complain like she normally does. Did say it was loud, but didn’t yell or anything lol. They turned out pretty good, but some of them were too close and she’d patted them down so they ran together kinda flat. Oh well. 😀

Zavier is starting to be a little more shy.  He’s always done the “shy smile”/flirty thing… hiding his face in our chests at times.  Lately though… he’s refusing to go to people and crying when others (besides me, Baba & Gido that is) hold him. I remember Kalila going through this phase too and don’t expect it to last long. We’ll see though. His temperment is pretty different than hers. I hope it doesn’t last long lol.

My neck is killing me today. I have no clue what happened… I woke up with it hurting. Its just gotten worse…  We had a great day today so this doesn’t make me happy.

Speaking of… We had to go get the truck inspected and a few things looked at… ended up needing fixed too.  While that was being done we walked around the area and had a really good time. It was cool out, but not miserable. There’s a second hand kids shop near there so we went in and found a few things for Zavier.  Later I found some stuff to make Kalila’s sandpaper letters (will post about that later on when I’m farther into making them.. did start tonight). May not be as nice as these but they’ll work.

Yesterday Aunt Sonia came by… was nice getting to see her again, has been way too long. Zavier played shy of course but was somewhat going to her before she left. Talked to Tia Myra (while we’re talking about the kids Godmothers lol) and found out she’s having a little boy! 😀 So happy for them.  And was nice to talk to her again too lol.  And Aunt Leslie.. caught her this week too. Good grief it seems like its been forever with everyone lol.

Kalila seems to have a new favourite tv show.. that I don’t mind at all. Sid the Science Kid. She was already starting to ask more questions, but now…  Ok the phrase “forget about it” popped into my head in Buddy from Cake Boss’s voice and reminds me of another Kalila, tv related story.  The other day I caught her saying that…  same inflection and everything. Cracked me up! Anyways, what I was gonna say… She dances along with the show (shaking her little behind) and everything. Its adorable.  And she ties it into stuff she’s seeing around us, talks about that. I love it.

I probably could go on and on with cute Kalila related stories… but I’m getting tired and can’t remember half of what she’s said to me lately.




One thought on “The Cutie-est Baby Ever

  1. lilzbear says:

    I know how you feel, I could go on and on with cute Lil Z related stories too…but I’d run out of blog space sooner than I’d run out of stories :).
    The oatmeal cranberry cookies sound yummy!

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