Valentines 2011

Yeah I’m late lol.  But had to share…

Kalila was so excited about Valentines Day this year.  She wished us a happy one at least a million times (if not more). She even told me that it was the best one ever.  Too cute!

We made cards… I took a picture of Gido’s but its on the card and I can’t get to it right now. I can show you Baba’s and Uncle Trevor’s.  Obviously I cut out the letters and helped her keep them in the right order lol, but she picked where she wanted them to go and insisted on gluing them on herself too.  She surprised me w/ that one… was very good at it and told me that we don’t eat glue.

It was really nice outside that day too, so Zavier & I ended up taking a walk down to the store for some stuff we were missing for dinner.  Long walk, but nice… I picked up a stuffed rose for Kalila and she’s still attached to it lol.

The kids got cards in the mail from Granny too. We opened them right after Zavier & I got back.  Zavier had a blast slapping his and waving it around lol and Kalila kept saying how much she loves it.

Obviously we didn’t do our normal Valentines dinner routine, but we had a nice dinner (a very nice dinner) so no complaints about that. Was just a good day all around.


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