When I got the email from CSN I didn’t think twice about which blog they were referring to.  I’ve been on here since last summer ? and while occasionally I question if I should have moved over… its not very often and it definitely didn’t come to mind.  So if my original blog didn’t come to mind… you can imagine how far my secondary one was.

Note for those of you not following me as long: I started off on Blogger with one blog… I started it for family and just had pictures and stuff about the kids.  I opened up “The Not So Hippy, Hippy Mom” blog soon after…  About a year later I realized I was combining stuff way too often, posting about the same things on both blogs… and decided not to continue the second blog.  I used the original one and added the not so hippy part as a subtitle.  When I moved here I changed it to quite… as I’ve gotten more crunchy as time has past.  It just fits better lol.  LOL at this point I probably could change it to something like: “Oh forget it, I’m a hippy!”

After I posted I started questioning putting it here.  Blogger is just easier to use for giveaways and stuff.  I even pulled up my old one and looked around. I linked it off to the side at that point… something I should have done anyway since some of the old video’s didn’t transfer so well when I moved (note: if you’re ever looking up something in archives here and it doesn’t look right, head over there. Just easier that way).  I got on the second one too and changed its background thinking maybe after this giveaway I should re-introduce it for this purpose.  Closed the tab later thinking I was over thinking things and this would be fine.

And then I got the email from CSN saying they were looking at that one… had intended for me to use it. OOPS!

So that answers that question.  I guess its back open… I am really sorry for the mixup.  I will not be going back to my original blogspot blog, I like wordpress… and while I’m not crazy about having multiple blogs (obviously since I keep trying to combine and cut down on them) it does really work best in this instance.

I am going to try to get my facebook page to upload from both places, we’ll see how that goes lol.


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