Growing Up

Seriously… too fast. These kids…


  • Now knows all her letters by sight and has most of the sounds down… as of the other day (these are sounds not the letters themselves)  she didn’t know h or i  and was mixing up (switching) w and y.  The letters that have multiple sounds she has halfway, knows one but not the other… We’re working on that lol.
  • Has started wanting to do more on her own again… example, the other day she went in the bathroom stall (at Baba’s school) by herself. Just had me hold the door closed lol. She followed by insisting on washing and drying her hands all by herself too.
  • Helps me wash dishes… Just the plastic cups, but still.
  • Scribbles wavy lines and says they’re words lol.
  • Is going to bed easier most nights.  Not all, but most.
  • We’ve started looking at schools for her. Found one too… will prob be another year before she gets in, but that may be best. She is very much looking forward to it though.
  • Is fighting me less over doing her hair… and its staying somewhat presentable for longer periods of time.
  • Has started turning off the tv after her shows without whining. Huge improvement there 😀
  • Loves yoga.
  • Is insisting that she’s gonna wear her brothers shorts today lol. If they fit, I will so get a picture! (she got them half way on lol then found a skirt that needs to make either the pack way pile or put in the only with pants underneath section)


  • Has been giving me extra kisses lately.
  • Is a little escape artist… I’m not sure how he does it, but he can wiggle his way out of our arms and off the couch/chair/whatever.  He LOVES being on the floor and/or ground…
  • Fake sneezes. Kalila taught him that…
  • Makes a sound that sounds suspiciously like a meow when he sees Mumble or Kimosimi.
  • Thinks he has a sweet-tooth. Anytime I’m eating candy (or a popsickle lol) he tries his best to get at it… hasn’t happened but he’s strong enough that I about have to hide if I want one.
  • Got a pretty good sized splinter in his foot the other day… He didn’t seem to notice it at all until we got it out.
  • Is in a major Baba mood lately 🙂
  • Has a third tooth coming in.
  • Is getting new foods twice a week now (3/4 days between) since he’s done so well. I’m rarely having to make him something separate from us now.

I seriously need to get some more pictures soon lol.


3 thoughts on “Growing Up

  1. lilzbear says:

    Every now and then I wake up in panic mode that the baby is growing up way too fast! Yet at the same time I can’t wait for him to be more interactive.
    On an unrelated note, what kind of inserts do you use for pocket diapers? I am curious to know what bamboo and hemp inserts are all about.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Understood lol. I love watching all these changes, but its sad at the same time…

      Inserts… We have a ton of microfiber… which I actually don’t care for, but it does ok. One diaper came w/ a bamboo/microfiber one. Another has 2 hemp/microfiber ones. I have 3 bamboo/PUL inserts that I love and 2 large, 2 small hemp inserts that I absolutely adore. Basically hemp and bamboo are a lot more absorbent.

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