Forgot a Title

Just a few things this morning…

The CSN Giveaway ended yesterday. I’ve already drawn and posted the winner… 😀  I think that is my favourite part of doing those lol.

Yes I changed my background again, are you really that surprised? LOL I have to say I LOVE this one though….

Really dislike how we’re having to do pictures. I have some more I’d like to post, but they’re stuck on the camera still… Hoping I can get them off after Baba gets home from school today. We’ll see..

My playroom project (have I not mentioned that on here?) is coming along better than I thought it would. Faster than I thought it would lol.

And a few cute kid stories from yesterday before I go…

I was doing laundry and Zavier got upset… I heard Kalila say something about him wanting a boo (translation – to nurse). I said he probably did and then looked up to find her walking in the room w/ her shirt hiked up on one side, a doll “latched on”. The doll was wrapped up in one of my khangas too and she kept using it to try and cover the baby like I’d done in Church earlier.

After I got her brother and came in here… I looked up to find her walking in with her whole shirt raised and holding 5 babies to herself! Not even kidding lol. I couldn’t help it, I laughed… and then posted about it in a group on FB… as i was doing that she sat down next to me, laid down her babies and started taking turns feeding them! Later she put them all to bed too. It was adorable.

Zavier… found one of those dolls a little later. The one that giggles and says mama. He got so excited by that… At first he kept hitting it to make it do that… and then he picked it up and started rocking it back and forth (kind of wildly). So cute… The day before I caught him doing the eating the baby game with one too… You know pinching its nose and pretending to take it to his mouth. He’s been running the toy cars back and forth lately too. I just love watching him play!

Ok.. Gotta go now lol.


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