KnickerNappies OS

Not sure why I’ve been putting this off lol.

I got this diaper a little later, the colour I ordered was backordered… but it really didn’t take too long to get here and I was very excited to see it. The sized version of it did not come w/ inserts (or at least I didn’t buy it with them) so its my first experience w/ the LoopyDo inserts as well.

Like the sized one… I love it. It is a bit bigger than the other OS diapers we own, which is a great thing here. Its the only one that Zavier is not on the biggest setting in yet. Completely unrelated, but I still find it kind of funny that he’s on the largest length setting in most of them, yet he’s also still on the tightest/smallest waist setting on most of them too.

Not that its a big deal, but I am still in love with the colour. Is very cute on him too.

Works great. I can only think of one leak that we’ve had and it was 100% my fault… Seriously… He wasn’t exactly in there straight lol. No seriously I’ve been very lucky in this area w/ the pockets we’ve tried this time around.

I like the inserts. They’re different… They really do loop around lol. One side (so two) is hemp and the other (two) is microfiber.  I’ve been folding the smaller one in half (thirds?) and positioning it to make things a little more boy friendly. I like that I can do that.

The side snaps… I’m having to get used to again. I don’t remember them ever bothering me before, but for some reason it took me a few tries to adjust to them this time. Not a bad thing… I do like them. Ahh just hit me the difference. Last time I wasn’t used to front snaps… I’d only used velcro before and was thrilled with the side snaps. Not sure which snap style I prefer.

Recently we found our sized KnickerNappie as well… We had a large btw. Zavier mostly fits in it now too. I’ll have to get a pic or two lol. One difference I could see right away when looking at the two is that the OS has a lot wider pocket area. Good thing. That was our one complaint before… Baba couldn’t stuff the first one at all and I had a hard time with it too. The OS is easy to stuff. The sized one is a bit trimmer and I kinda like the look of it better, but I think I’d rather have the ease of the OS.

Before I go… I got this one from Baby Eco Mart, but there is also a Knickernappies site and blog.


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