We’ve all been spending a lot more time outside lately…

All of us.

Mumble and Kimosimi have transitioned to being… well not outdoor cats exactly, but going in and out. We hadn’t exactly planned for that to happen… Mumble kept getting out though and was really good about coming back. Same with Kimosimi. Then the weather got so nice that we couldn’t help but open the windows and everything…

They’ve never been happier. Yesterday I saw Mumble chasing, pouncing and missing (lol) a bird!  Its funny watching them go in and out too… They’ll go in and out of different windows… and once we close them… If they’re inside they’ll bounce off the closed window, and if they’re out they’ll paw at it and meow until we let them in. Its cute… although I don’t think the bouncing will last much longer, tonight Mumble pawed and cried to get out instead (didn’t let her, too late).


He’s been getting me out there too lol. Thankfully  he’s still sleeping well at night. Naps are another story… but we’ve figured out a solution. Pushing him in the stroller up and down the driveway. Has to be the driveway… sidewalks, around the house, whatever… those don’t work. The driveway does. So I go in big.. well not quite circles, but still… over and over while he makes silly noises until he falls asleep. Sometimes a bit after too because he talks in his sleep and has tricked me with that a couple times lol.

Whatever… it works. I’m getting exercise too lol. Kalila has mixed reactions about it though… half the time she’s excited and wants to help… the other half she stands there yelling to be careful and not get smushed by a car :-/


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