I Caught Him!!!

Time for another picture post…

Kalila Kalila Kalila…

Yup, she got into my makeup one day a couple weeks ago.

Ruined a thing of lipstick too.

Little goose.

I tried braiding her hair one day too..

The worst braids I’ve ever done, but don’t they look cute from the front?

Not sure what’s going on 
here, but cute too!

Now Zavier…

He was thrilled to finally try some asparagus

Seriously… Can those smiles get any bigger?

He did get serious about his food though…

Not sure what he was doing here, but another cute highchair shot.

And today…

Playing in the (not quite finished) playroom

He seemed to have a blast

Even let me get a pic of him standing!



2 thoughts on “I Caught Him!!!

  1. lilzbear says:

    Cute! Especially the one of him eating asparagus 🙂

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