March Randomness

So can’t believe its already March… Zavier is officially 10 months old.. The weather has been consistently warm(er) for awhile (although last night & this morning weren’t so much). Clothes are on the line again… Of course there’s only one of those that I actually expect to stay true the whole month lol. Well two if you count the first part.

Tomorrow is Ash Monday… Not 100% sure I’m ready lol. As always I’m very last minute in deciding what exactly to do… but I am looking forward to it very much at the same time. I did figure out the main thing I’m giving up this year… Facebook.  I know it sounds silly but I know I’m on there too much.  I could probably type up a whole post on how that started, but long story short sitting here made nursing heavy babies easier (plural because I didn’t start doing it until Kalila was bigger lol). Anyways, I already cut down on it a lot… but still… I figured this was prob the best thing for me to do right now.

Now… the reason I’m mentioning it on here… is it will slightly affect my blog and I figured cluing yall in now would be better than confusing everyone lol. Not too long ago some friends and I started a private group on FB. We’re all doing the FlyLady thing and having a place to put down goals in the morning and reflect on them later has been nice. Doing this has worked its way into my morning routine and not something I want to give up.  So I figured I would post mine on here (hopefully they will keep the group going) just during Lent. I am not putting them public… not that there’s anything bad or whatever, I just would rather not. So.. point of all that… daily passworded posts for the next 6 weeks are nothing to worry about lol. And I’m sorry if this increases the number of posts you can’t get into… it won’t be for long I promise!

On the FL subject… For those of you who haven’t heard of it, one of the things she does is an overal theme/objective (however you want to look at it) for the month.  I didn’t do so great with last months… in fact I think I missed it at the beginning and just couldn’t get into it by the time I realized what it was lol. Oh well.. New month right? Well… this months is getting dressed up to shoes.  :-/  Most of you already know how I feel about that lol.  So when I saw it… I sighed… and thought something along the lines of: I guess I’ll try again next month. (Not w/ the FL stuff in general, just with the monthly thing)  A little later I was thinking about it some more and realized I could change it up a little to fit me… so instead of shoes, I changed it to tichel.  It may have something to do with having gotten two new ones thanks to Cover Your Hair having opened up an Amazon store 😉  but still.. I was/am excited about it and have been doing pretty good with that habit so far this month.

I think that’s all I had about this month lol. I do have some other posts in mine… but I’ll get to them when I have time. Lots of updates on the kids.. esp Zavier.  Aye aye… but yeah, I’m doing about 5 other things while writing this (obviously not all at the same time lol) and the post has sat up for at least half an hour w/out me thinking of a single other thing to add to it so I’m gonna take that as its done!



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