Walking Bub?

So excited right now…

Zavier did not take his first steps today, not even close… That was what 2 months ago? He’s been so close… A couple steps alone here and there, not really needing support while cruising – like he’d hold our fingers but not use them if that makes sense.  A few days ago at Tia Sallie & Uncle Buds he even took 3 to 4 steps back and forth between me & Baba a few times.  So stinking close…

Today though… I almost missed it at first lol. I put on a recorded episode of Cake Boss I wanted to see… was awing over the new baby being born when I saw Zavier take 4 more. Txt’d Baba… Another couple steps… and then he crawled half way across the room, stood up and barrelled back towards the tv.

Of course now Kalila is showing off how she can walk too lol. And Zavier has been all smiles over it. Will try to get a video… Hoping he’ll do it again when Baba gets home 🙂  I have him here having a snack right now… bean and cheese taco, one of his new favourites.

Edit: Already got 2 video’s 😀 I’ll post as soon as Baba gets home/I can get them uploaded!


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