Ashes, Walking & Sleeping

I know I’m combining random things, but.. Oh well.

Since I got a pic of Kalila on her first Ash Monday, I figured I’d do the same for Zavier…I wanted to have it up that night, but… I guess today’s not all that inappropriate either lol.

So cute.  What would have made an even better pic was Kalila right after we got them. She kept looking at me and giggling. This is the first year she’s really paid any attention to it and was asking questions and everything.

Now completely changing subjects.. Here are the video’s I promised you yesterday!

He’s since showed off for both Baba and Gido 🙂

One last picture… is from a few days ago.

Yup, Zavier asleep in his very own bed… or mattress anyway. No he’s not sleeping there full time, but we’re doing a few of the naps there (still doing the stroller/walk to sleep thing for most of them) and some nights (like the one I took this) he starts out there before we go to bed. I’m excited to have it in the house though and think he looks pretty adorable in it. I’m biased though 😉


6 thoughts on “Ashes, Walking & Sleeping

  1. Deborah says:

    LOVE the second video, how excited he is at the end! I may have missed the full effect, though; I had to watch it on mute. Alexa’s asleep in my lap and she doesn’t do well with sudden noises when she’s asleep so I don’t take too many chances.

  2. Steph says:

    Aww … Love the videos! He’s adorable!

  3. danardoyle says:

    What a precious picture – the baby with ashes. My little man would not get ashes today. He’s funny about dirt, germs and things like that. The ashes looked too much like dirt for him to handle. Oh well – at least he went to church.

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