Got it on the first try!

Kalila’s first bday cake was a no brainer. I was gonna do the Texas Hot Cocoa Cake… and I did. It turned out perfect. By the next year I wanted to do something different and tested out cakes months before her bday lol. The same thing happened for her 3rd. I expected, planned, for that to be true for Zavier’s first.


Grandpa gave me a cookbook last summer (I think lol). It was one his mom had used (well a diff copy of course) and he really liked. I’ve used it quite a bit since he gave it to me and probably have mentioned it here before… I’m not sure why I decided to look for Zavier’s cake in there instead of online like I normally do, but I did.  And I kept coming back to a couple of orange cakes…

Have to say this is weird too… I’m not a fan of… well… anything but chocolate really. Carrot cake… Strawberry is good too. But I have to be in the mood for those or it doesn’t happen. I’ve had lemon before that was ok, but only if its covered in chocolate icing.  But I kept coming back to the orange…Asked Baba about it. His first impression – blech!  Grandpa said he’s had them before and they were good. I figured I’d give it a shot…

I settled on one and was a little nervous about it, kept putting it off. I had to juice an orange for it, grate the zest, seperate eggs, beat the whites… all that fun stuff. A little more work than most cake recipes I’ve done before. Nervous…. Laughing about that now, despite all that it was really easy to make.

And it was good.  Even Baba liked it.  Kalila keeps arguing that they were muffins though… after she ate off the icing anyway. Silly goose.

So… one less thing to worry about. Is kinda sad though, no more test cakes… Wait! No… still have to get the decorating down 😉


3 thoughts on “Got it on the first try!

  1. kim says:

    now, i am opposite. i love all vanilla cakes. i love carrot cake too. what kind of theme or decorations r u doing? i can’t decide on our 1st bay theme yet.

  2. kim says:

    1st birthday theme that is, not bay-lol.

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