MPM 14 March – 20 March (IRISH WEEK & Lent Edition)

Yay! The week we look forward to all year long is back šŸ˜€

Monday – Bubble & Squeak

Tuesday –Dublin Coddle

Wednesday –Mustard Chicken w/ Carrot & Parsnip Mash

Thursday – CP – Corned Beef & Cabbage w/ Champ

Friday –Ā  Lunch – Colcannon

Dinner – Fish Pie

Saturday – Lamb Stew w/ Herbed Dumplings

Sunday – Shepherd’s Pie

Breakfast Choices –

Potato Farl w/ Eggs

Irish Breakfast (minus black and white pudding lol)


Black Treacle Scones



8 thoughts on “MPM 14 March – 20 March (IRISH WEEK & Lent Edition)

  1. kim says:

    wow thats intense! lol. i am going to do a basic irish stew and boxty on the 17th. raspberry scones too for brkfst. and shamrock shaped vanilla sugar cookies for dessert.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah we go all out šŸ˜€ Or try to anyway… I’m determined this year to stick to the menu. So far doing pretty good… Had the farls this morning.. Mmmmm.. I haven’t had any in forever and didn’t even recognize the name of them lol.

  2. lilzbear says:

    Sounds yumm! I had a good laugh at the name of the first dish…never heard of it until now, but i laughed for a good minute at the name :)…aah, it’s the simple things.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      LOL Yeah… it sounds pretty goofy, but has become one of our absolute favourite dishes… is one we make year round.

      • lilzbear says:

        Hey Mama! What detergent do you use on the cloth diapers? I’ve been using ECOS because recommended it, but I saw on another site that it isn’t recommended for cloth…we haven’t had any problems…yet.

      • Mama Kalila says:

        What is ECOS? If it has enzymes or brightners then for sure I’d stop with it… We’ve used several different things. Arm & Hammer Essentials Free is ok (the reg one isn’t too bad either, but does have scent..). Sun Harvest has a store brand similar to Earth that isn’t too bad. My favourite by far is soap nuts. I get them off of (going off the top of my head so hope the link is right!). I actually need to get some more soon….

  3. angie says:

    lots of new recipes here thanks for sharing I am going to try to make a few

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