I know I haven’t had any regular posts lately, so the flylady protected ones are piling up at the top. 😦  I just haven’t had a chance to even think about what I want to post lately lol. I do have some really cute pictures I’d love to share… but when I put them on Baba’s computer I put them straight to FB (did it on Sunday) and can’t get to them now… Maybe Baba will take pity on me and email them? 😉

Everyone is doing good though.The kids are all over the place lol. Is funny some days Zavier goes back to his speed crawling preference and others he’d rather walk. He’s tried to run a couple times.. you know the baby run. Kinda cute but he falls flat on his face. Kalila is in awe. Yesterday she held is hand while he walked around. She’s starting to play in their room more (yay!!!) and Zavier’s decided he doesn’t mind sleeping in his bed during the day. He’s trying to “talk” more lately too.  Not always words, but he’s getting better at letting you know what he wants 🙂

Enjoying spring break. We’re not really doing anything special for it, but still… its nice to have a little down time. Well Baba at home time anyway lol.

Loving Irish week.  Doing better with sticking to our schedule than we have in past years, but was kinda expecting that since we have in general lately. Yesterday’s dinner was a new one for us… I’d put Dublin Coddle on the menu a couple years ago but somehow it didn’t happen… So sad… We have fallen in love.  Obviously I substituted turkey bacon and turkey sausage in it… but its really really good.

Anyways, I’d better go… Have quite a bit I need to get done this morning.


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