Yay Picture Time!

Ok most of these are pretty self explanitory… The kids & I went outside last weekend and just had some fun. Kalila blew bubbles, Gido and Kalila taught Zavier to throw a ball… Zavier learned to “drive” or at least met the car lol. But today’s pics… I was trying to get a shot of Zavier’s top two teeth.. both in (although not quite all the way down) and have the cutest gap. He was really fighting me though!

2 thoughts on “Yay Picture Time!

  1. lilzbear says:

    So cute! Zavier looks like you in these pics :). It’s so cool that he’s now standing up! Lil Z is nowhere near that yet…

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Aww thanks. He’s been standing for months 🙂 The walking everywhere I’m still getting used to lol. Enjoy this stage w/ Lil Z… once they get going…. sigh lol.

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