My Translator

Kalila has become our little translator…

Earlier Zavier was snacking on some tomatoes while I got dinner ready and I heard something that sounded like “nnnuh num num waaaaaa”. Ok I don’t really remember lol but a bunch of babbling and general unhappiness. Before I could even look at him Kalila told me he wanted more tomatoes… She was right lol. As soon as I pulled the box out he got quiet (have I mentioned he LOVES tomatoes?).

Fast forward a little bit… I had my hands full of dumplings… Possibly the worst recipe for them I have ever seen but that’s besides the point.  Hands full of and covered in that mess when he starts crying again. Not even trying to talk at this point, he’s screaming. I’m talking to him.. trying to let him know that I’ll get him as soon as I can (not that that really works for us lol) and Kalila comes in and tells me (quoting for real here): “He’s crying because he’s poopy”.  Baba came in a few seconds later, picks him up and yup… time for a baby bath lol.

She knows her baby brother well.

2 thoughts on “My Translator

  1. lilzbear says:

    Big sister love! That is soo cute!

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