What a Night!?!

Gonna start a little earlier for a couple reasons. For one it scared me half to death… and two… I think it may have had something to do with part of last night. I could be wrong, but still.. the timing.

Right after the story I posted about last night happened (not after I posted) Baba got Zavier in the shower and I was trying to finish dinner. Kalila came in and started whining about wanting something. I don’t remember what it was, just that she didn’t need it.. and I finally snapped and told her it wasn’t going to happen. She left the room… I got done, got Z out of the bath and started drying him off… Right around then I realized it was entirely too quiet.  I went looking for Kalila and couldn’t find her anywhere. I remembered Gido had been outside and she’d been going back and forth with him all afternoon/evening… but it was already dark outside and I couldn’t see her out there. I started yelling for her… Not out there. Back inside starting to freak… Baba got out of the shower and was trying to calm me down, said he’d go look. I walked back to the back door to find Kalila and Gido walking back. Like I said… it scared me half to death for a second.

Skip forward to bedtime… Kalila decided she wanted to sleep next to Zavier. Not something we do often, but she cuddled up next to him and it was just adorable. I knew at some point it’d mean waking up because he still eats at night most nights and if he can’t get right to me he’ll cry. We went to sleep and that’s exactly what did happen. He crawled half way across Kalila and started crying… I “woke up” and picked him up.. and started looking on the other side of Kalila “for the baby”. Completely freaked out because my baby was gone. He was there… I was sure there was a baby there. I knew I had Zavier though. It was weird. Baba “woke up” (quotes because we talked later and he told me he thought he was dreaming lol) and snapped me out of it, told me I had him.

I don’t remember if I went back to sleep or not… I know I told Baba at one point when he woke up too. I think it was after this next part happened lol. Either way I was laying there confused, feeding Zavier.. when Kalila “woke up”.  First we heard the “I want a movie” whine. I remember thinking it was too early and not looking forward to to crying when she realized she wasn’t getting it… Before we could say anything though… She jumped up. She jumped up, hit the wall and BOUNCED OFF!!! Not even kidding. She laid back down… Sat up a few seconds later and mumbled something… laid down. Mumbled some more and then back to sleep.

It was a weird night lol.

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