Life With a Walking Bub

How longs it been now? LOL The days are starting to go by in a blur… I’m definitely busier since he started walking.

We tried blocking him in at first… Closing the hallway door and putting a gate between the living and dining rooms, so he’d have plenty of room to play but we wouldn’t have to worry so much… Yeah it didn’t work so well. Somehow he figured out how to move the gate! Our little escape artist…  I’d be in the kitchen cooking or washing dishes while Baba was with the kids in there… look up and there he is, grinning at me in the middle of the kitchen. Or impishly as he was halfway through the hole he’d made.  Yeah… it doesn’t go up so much anymore lol.

Right now he’s walking back and forth between me & Baba… holding onto an empty- water bottle. And hitting my keys. Had to retype that last part about five times… if I missed any “typos” that’s why lol.  Is back on his way to Baba now.

I have to stop him about 234234290 times a day from going into the bathroom. And earlier I caught him opening our back door!  Note: sliding door… not an actual door knob or anything lol. He only got it about a centimeter or so open before I stopped him, but still scared me pretty good. We may have to start locking that one and using the laundry room door instead.

Watching him sit with the bottle now… He got the lid off (a large one, reusable bottle) and is trying to put it back together.. so interesting to watch him do stuff like that. He’s tried putting clothes on a few times too. Usually Kalila’s lol, but he had one of my shirts half way on a few days ago too.LOL he just brought me the bottle to fix. I got a big smile for figuring it out.

And immediately from there to the bathroom again. Baba’s pulling him out now lol.

I tell you its crazy.



One thought on “Life With a Walking Bub

  1. kim says:

    same here since claire started walking. Its crazy she is into everything and putting everything in her mouth. I keep her in a playpen a lot but she wants out now after awhile and then she goes immediately to pick up and eat bits from the floor which could be anythung here. so i one hand I have to clean constatntly when she is out asnd on the other i cant leave to go do dishes or something since she needs watched so much. so i am stuck here on the compute right now.

    empty water bottles are her favorite and she loves picking up clothes too and carrying them around. we have to have the bathroom door shut or she into that with her in the toilet!

    good luck on your end

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