Zavier and Foods

I haven’t done a food update for Zavier in awhile… Not so much that I haven’t wanted too, just that its not quite the same anymore lol. When we want to introduce something new we just work it into our menu… More often its: we’re having a b and c for dinner, he hasn’t had c so lets introduce it.

Thankfully no reactions so far… at least that we’ve been able to tell. Hoping that stays true, but not worried about it as much anymore. Still watching and will be just as careful with any future babies, but for now with Zavier it doesn’t look like its an issue. Very relieved.

Its kinda hard to gauge how well he likes something… This kid will eat anything! I’m not even kidding, he puts food away like you wouldn’t believe. Anything tomato seems to be a clear favourite though… and he seemed to really enjoy the carrots and parsnips I made last week. He’s not the biggest meat fan, but he does like goat and fish. Beef only if its made certain ways. Corned beef disappeared in seconds lol. Ground beef on the other hand he actually won’t touch most of the time. Is the only thing I’ve really seen that happen with. He’ll pick around it and only eat it if he is very hungry or if there’s nothing else left on the plate… He’ll do it but tries to avoid it if that makes any sense lol.

He does get a fork or spoon…. sometimes lol. Still does more playing with them than anything. Its pretty cute though. Not really expecting anything to come from it, just letting him play to get used to them. We waited a little long with Kalila and she still fights using them. Not sure this will make a diff, but we’ll see lol.

Thoughts on the baby led method at this point… I’m glad we went this route. Zavier is doing great… I love watching him feed himself. Isn’t quite the same as it was when he first started out, but its still pretty cute!  This is something we would definitely do again…

I wish I had a cute pic to add to this, but I don’t have any recent ones lol. I need to get the camera out again though, he is just too cute walking around right now with a toy car in his hand 😀


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