Its Way Too Early….

Ok not really, it just feels like it because I was up too late last night (watched Iron Man 2 w/ Baba 🙂 ) but still… was not ready to get up this morning!

Zavier has figured out how to get off our bed. He army crawls backwards towards the edge and then slides off. I half hold my breath and keep a hand on him when he does it (our bed is not low to the ground), but still he does it all on his own. I don’t really like him doing it, even if it is kinda cute, so it doesn’t happen often… and never has in the morning before.

Today though… I woke up to him trying to get to Baba. I kept pulling him back to me, hoping I could convince him to sleep a little more (LOL). We usually have some cuddle time before we get up so even if that didn’t happen… I could have had a bit before getting up. He was insistent though and started to worry me because Kalila was right there sleeping and if I don’t distract him he will wake her up on purpose. Not his intent this morning though and thankfully it didn’t happen by accident either. Instead he was going for Baba and after a few minutes I realized I was losing the battle and warned him just before Zavier climbed over him (laying on his side, Zavier had to flip himself over at the end to do it) and slid off the bed!  Silly goose toddeled his way over to the nightstand, grabbed some blocks and started banging away. He looked very proud of himself…

Yeah we’re up. Baba’s not. Kalila’s not.  Zavier & I are up for the day. Sigh… lol.

Scratch that… Kalila’s up too. Tried to convince me she wanted green beans for breakfast lol.

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