Random Thoughts From Today

The kids are playing with a toy Aunt Sonia brought yesterday… Is pretty cute. They seem to be having a blast.

I’m not liking the invitation I’m working on so far… and can’t figure out how to fix it.  Edit – Take that back… had an idea that might work. Crossing fingers here!

Got an email yesterday from whoever lives in our old apartment (or at least we’re both assuming she does). My EcoNuts got sent there by accident. Apparently my paypal had both addresses on file and used the wrong one. Not too thrilled about that… I really could use them right now (on my last bag and since I put a couple less nuts in it than normal I’m not sure how long it’ll last) and while she’s being nice, letting us know that she left them with the office… who knows if the office will let us have them. Not to mention the hassle of getting over there in the middle of a very busy week (for Baba anyway and he’s the one w/ the truck). Thankfully the company was very nice about fixing the address in their system… I’m getting them through their laundry club (cuts a few dollars in shipping) and it would happen again in 3 months if we hadn’t gotten it fixed.

We finally decided to go ahead and get Netflix like we’ve been talking about for months.  Good timing too because Swagbucks had a deal on it… Free months trial = 1000 swagbucks. That got me 2 Amazon cards and a good ways towards another. We’ve had it for about a week now?  Its set up on our Wii and except Zavier who has no clue about it, the rest of us all love it. Kalila asks for the red lol. She’s on a Strawberry Shortcake kick and just loves that she can see it on there. I found a movie that’s at least half in Kiswahili so you know I’m thrilled lol… But seriously I hadn’t thought about how much help it is w/ Kalila and tv usage… No commercials (and she was starting to pick up on those 😦  ) and its easier to control how much she’s watching. No getting distracted and another thing just starting on its own leading to complaints when I have to turn it off. We’re using a reward system w/ her and that (a whole other post prob) and this works great with it.

Cocoa Krispies are the hardest things to clean up off a hard wood floor… If they have milk in them that is. Blech…  I knew there was a reason (or 5) that I don’t like the things…

Apparently Baba agrees with everyone else on which picture to use on the invites.  So I guess we’re going w/ that one. I do like it… Just wish I’d caught his smile.

I found something I was afraid I’d lost in the move… a statue. I was always told growing up that it was the Virgin Mary… but after working at the bookstore I found out it probably isn’t lol. Guessing St. Martha maybe? Anyways… not so sure and Kalila swears up and down its the Virgin Mary too. So we’re going with that still… I have the perfect place to put it here and really upset when I thought it was lost. When I get it up and everything I’ll prob take a picture. For now its on my desk here and Kalila keeps coming and looking at it/talking about it.  I guess it kinda works out because its just really sweet.

Kalila pulled out her moveable letters (nothing fancy, I printed out a copy on cardstock and cut them apart) earlier. We didn’t do anything big, she just pointed out which was which and tried to sound them out.  She decided she wanted to “write” out “I love you” with them… got part of the way there (but out of order lol) and accidentally added a F and got all excited when I showed her that she’d “written” five. Unfortunately I was making lunch at the same time and then Zavier woke up from his nap so we didn’t get much past that.

Kids are playing in their room now… I love that they’re finally doing that. Mostly with those blocks again but just saw Zavier pull another toy off of the changing table.

Speaking of toys and their room… Kalila is getting a lot better at following directions about picking up toys. I have to stay right in front of her and point out pretty much every step along the way, but she’s getting distracted a little less and throwing herself into the job instead of into fighting it. Unfortunately its limited to whats in her room right now. She’s still fighting taking stuff back in 😦   I have an idea or two for that, but we’ll see…

Zavier had a new food at lunch of sorts. Ranch dressing lol. Yeah yeah not the healthiest thing, but we eat a lot of it here… and there were a lot of veggies (and some fruit) mixed in. I did a pasta salad for lunch. Minus pickles of course. Not only because he can’t have them yet, but we’re out. Word of warning, when/if pickles go bad… they go very very bad. *shudder*

Just tried Pampers Swipers (wipes) with him too. They were one of the worst with Kalila, so the sample we got in the mail about a year ago or so was set aside to give to someone who uses sposies… I found it the other day & thought about what to do with them… Decided to give it a go when he had a diaper earlier and the tub was occupied with his sister. He has diff skin issues than her for the most part so we’ll see. He didn’t cry when I used them so that’s a good sign lol. As soon as I opened the plastic around them (not the package itself) I remembered something I really dislike about them… The smell. For “slightly scented”… I don’t think slightly is the right word. Is ok though, its a sample and even if he’s good with them (which it looks like) I don’t see me buying more. Will be nice to know though so I’m kinda glad I found them.

Its cold outside… has been all day. I’m not happy about that.

Ha! I think I got the invites pretty much done! I should end this so I can put up the page for it so I can get that on there lol.


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