Throwing Fits? Already….

My son has started throwing fits… I would say it started today, but it didn’t.. Looking back he’s done it before I just didn’t realize what he’s doing because its so different than Kalila.

Today though…

I was on the phone w/ Granny and had him in my arms. He waved towards the back door and said “Ba!  Baaa!” – which we guess means bye bye lol. He does it quite a bit… Anyways, when he did that I realized it was getting close to 11 and his naptime. So I started getting ready to take him on that walk…. saying bye to Granny & a few other things (like shoes lol) that I needed to do. I sat him down and he whined a bit, then threw himself on the ground and bopped his nose. Ok, he’s done that before… usually tired so we’ve put it as an accident. I picked him up, got him quiet and then back down so I could finish. This time I was watching his face as he did it again…

Yeah no… He did it on purpose. His version of the whole flail around on the floor bit.  Sigh…


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