Big Doopsy Giveaway

“Doopsy Approved TRADEMARK Celebration at
20% OFF all DOOPSY Products-Use TM20 at check-out-NO MINIMUM ORDER. ONLY DOOPSY PRODUCTS qualify-refunds for all others”

This is for a huge Doopsy giveaway… actually breaking my Facebook fast for a few minutes to get this in. Horrible I know, but too good not to enter!

ETA: LOL I guess I got what was coming to me for that.. all my entries deleted themselves! Oh well… You can still enter. Its going until 10PM.


2 thoughts on “Big Doopsy Giveaway

  1. lilzbear says:

    Have you used their bamboo inserts? Are they any good…I am trying out different inserts for my FuzziBunz…I read good stuff about Hugga Buns bamboo and I ordered a few, but I want to try others as well…

    • Mama Kalila says:

      From what I understand she’s changed her inserts a bit since I got mine from her… I have 3 of the Bamboo/PUL inserts, 2 mini hemp ones that fit inside, 2 full sized hemp inserts, and 2 microfiber inserts… of hers/this brand. I absolutely love them. They’re supposed to be improved now, but the ones I have work great. Huge Doopsy insert fan here lol. Is why I was hoping to enter this giveaway…

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