How many times have I written about this subject? LOL Yes I’m tired of it too… In more ways than one.


Awhile back I made a comment/joke about being glad Kalila was doing better in this area since Zavier was having some troubles. I don’t think I jinxed myself or anything ;-), she really was doing better compared to normal… and I knew that didn’t mean it’d stay that way either (figured that out quite awhile back). Thankfully now Zavier is back to normal… Unfortunately Kalila is too.

Long story short (because most of yall have heard it all before)… We’re starting to realize she’s probably not sleeping well even when we think she’s doing better. :-/   And back to looking at how to help her with this… I have a couple ideas I’m actually excited about and wish I’d seen earlier.

One is the Floppy Sleep Game.  Upsides of this one are:

  1. Its on Amazon and I can use Swagbucks to get it if I need too.
  2. Is cheaper if I buy used (although w/ a cd involved I’m not entirely sure I want to go that route).
  3. I like that it has the different parts to it, like the yoga… I think Kalila would really enjoy that.
  4. Looks like it includes some good reference material.

The other is the Hypnobabies Toddler Sleepy Time CD. Upsides of this one are

  1. I trust Hypnobabies and know their main program works
  2. The MP3 version, if we wanted to go that route, is cheaper than a new copy of the book above
  3. We joked before Zavier was born about getting the Peaceful Sleep for All cd so this seems pretty familiar, not a new idea for us.
  4. I want to become an instructor (a little ways down the road) so using their other programs makes a lot of sense.

Decisions Decisions. Either way will prob be awhile unfortunately… For now we’re working on the food side of it. Could be a coincidence but we had her eat a bowl of cheerios w/ milk before bed last night (one of the suggestions I saw the other day, but can’t remember from where lol) and for the first time in awhile she slept through until 4 or 5 in the morning… in her own room! Granted it was still a struggle to get her down at first lol, but still that’s the longest uninterrupted (well assuming so) amount of sleep she’s gotten in as long as I can remember. Of course I have a horrible memory so I could be wrong there too lol. Anyways, point being we do have some stuff to work with even if we can’t/don’t get either of those… but I do like the sound of them. We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Sleep…

  1. Stacy says:

    Layla sleeps great now. Usually from about 9pm until 8 am, but we did put one of those doorknob locks on the inside of her door so she can’t come out on her own. The only downside is that she still wears a diaper to bed b/c she won’t ask us to potty. I’m willing to deal with that for the sake of sleep though 🙂

    • Mama Kalila says:

      We did that for a little while w/ Kalila at the apt… honestly it didn’t work so well w/ her & I wish we hadn’t. She’d fall asleep on the floor at the door crying. We’d get a little more sleep (maybe) but she wouldn’t… Baba’s brought up trying it again, but the kids room still has no door… apparently the one that went to it was very messed up and had to go, and none of the extra’s fit it. In some ways I wish we had one on there already, but at the same time its kind of convenient not too lol.

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