Few random things from the past few days…

I can’t remember if it was Thurs night or Friday night… one of them I ended up playing Life (the game) w/ Baba.  We got it for Christmas or something like that and hadn’t opened it yet. The kids were in bed, though Zavier woke up part way through, and we just had a lot of fun. Baba beat me something awful lol… Ended up being a dr… but still fun. We were laughing so hard the whole time. First his “daughter” kept falling out of his car and then right after he landed on a square about buying a new SUV he made a comment about them rolling or something like that and the next turn both the wife & daughter fell out! 😀  Probably more funny if you were there, but still.

Last night we had friends over. Kalila was (and is) so excited. We had a lot of fun… and this morning Kalila was asking over and over if she was gonna see them again lol.

This morning Baba took Kalila to sit w/ him in the choir and apparently she did really well out there! So the plan is to only bring her in the cry room on the last Sundays of the month when he has to direct. Zavier and I will be sitting in the cry room… I think he would do outside ok, but Kalila does better w/ Baba at Church and I don’t want to mess w/ that. Besides he does ok in the cry room too… Have to mention it because it was adorable… when we went up for Communion he stared at the choir all fascinated. Too cute.

Kinda mad at myself… we went to the store for a few things a min ago & I saw some habaneros. Kept looking at them, but made myself pass them by thinking we really didn’t need them. Went to do the menu for the week and found a recipe that sounds great, but has them in it. Oops! Told Baba I want to try it at some point soon.

Ok gotta go get the Bub out of the kitchen again lol. Baba’s in there making lunch and he keeps following him in 😀


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