PT Advice…

Have been thinking about doing this post for awhile, and finally decided its past the past the point of needing to do it.  Need some potty training advice here if anyone has any…

Our problem isn’t potty training in general. Its potty training a child who has almost constant diarrhea. Yes we’ve seen the pedi… We know one major cause, a couple minor ones.. but its still happening and that’s all beside the point, not going to turn this into a rant about that. But beyond the obvious problems that can come with that (health wise) it has become a major obstacle in potty training.

So if any one has or is dealing with this… please.. any tips would be great.


2 thoughts on “PT Advice…

  1. Keith says:

    I’m sure that at some point on the blog you’ve mentioned this, so sorry I’ve not remembered, but I’m assuming you’ve dealt with all the dietary issues under the sun (food allergies). You said you’ve consulted with a pediatrician. What about a pediatric gastroenterologist in particular?

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Well… This is where it gets annoying. I can’t take her in unless there’s a major illness or well visit… and since everyone around me insists that nothing is wrong, that its perfectly normal for someone to have constant diarrhea – I’ve been discussing it w/ the pedi over well visits mainly and she wasn’t there for ZJ’s last one (we saw someone else). At one visit last summer she told us to try cutting dairy since its one of the main causes. We found peanuts by mistake… dairy didn’t seem to be an issue though. Several fruit seem to make it worse (and not talking amount of fruit.. I’m pretty careful to make sure she doesn’t get “toddler diarrhea” because of this, though it did happen a few weeks ago when she started sneaking apples lol) and I try to keep them out of her diet as much as I can. Something is still doing it though… Planning to bring it up at ZJ’s 12 month visit at the end of the month. A pediatric gastroenterologist does sound like a good idea (and not unthought of) but def not happening until we have insurance again (soon… praying that’s soon) and will prob be a fight to get there.

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