Found one of the downsides to not living in an apt.  The people who come knocking door to door.  Normally I don’t mind so much, but the lady today left me feeling bad.  ZJ was just waking up from his nap (already?!?) and Kalila was asking if it was the neighbors niece at the door…  She’d been pounding like it was an emergency so I’z a little weirded out. And then she asks in Spanish if I know Jesus just as I see her pamphlets on hell. Before I could even think about what she’d asked I said no thank you… meaning about the pamplet she was handing me. I’m sorry I don’t want the thing… I’ve seen them already and don’t enjoy being told I’m going to hell (because you know all other Christians are – note sarcasm, even using the RR groups code for it lol) and then realized what I’d said as she walked away shaking her head sadly… Tried to explain that I meant about the pamphlet, but… yeah. Uggh.

2 thoughts on “Seriously…

  1. mommymamamom says:

    They showed up at my apartment more often than they do at the duplex. Either way, I don’t want to talk to people about it…

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah… w/ me it depends on where they’re going with it. If I’m bored and they’re not headed in the direction it was obvious she was then I don’t mind so much lol… I’m quickly losing that though… between this one and her pamphlets and the last two bringing kids (you can imagine Kalila’s response when she realized they weren’t here to play… so not fair). I’m thinking about the door signs again.

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