Mmm Bacon!

Obviously this wasn’t taken today lol… I made the Dubblin Coddle on Monday, so pretty sure this was Tues. Too cute not to get a pic of…

Not sure when I got this, but finally got a picture of the top two teeth. I was trying to get one of the new third one up there, but obviously missed that one.

Yesterday… Just cute.

A few days ago… Just being cute.

Got some carseat shots to double check that everything was good there.

Already posted on teh Carseat group and got some advice on how to unrecline him so much. Its in the green area, but just barely & I’ve been trying to get it more upright from the beginning.

Kalila.. I didn’t post this first two before, just doing it here cause I think they’re cute.

Baba… Love his poses.

Tried to get one of me and him but aimed badly and got his beard and shirt instead lol.

And to end w/ a cute story… I think Zavier tricked us into getting an extra bath this morning. He got into the trash 😦  Of course I grabbed him right up and ran to the bathroom… with him grinning and kicking his legs the whole way. He laughed like crazy over the soap (we normally don’t use that kind w/ him, but.. long story) and then went crazy twisting and turning in the tub.. hitting the water and splashing like crazy. He always loves the bath but today was just… He had a blast.

Wait no.. Kalila just told me that she’s allergic to the chocolate she’s eating… because it made her sneeze. LOL  Now she’s grinning and saying she loves chocolate. Good thing it doesn’t really make her sneeze huh? 😀

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