MPM 11 April – 17 April (Lent Edition)

Monday – Upside down chicken pot pie (using scones from Irish Fish Pie for the biscuits on bottom)

Tuesday – Pasta w/ Veggies (? may change this one… )

Wednesday – Baked Macaroni with Meat

Thursday – Cream Cheese Chicken

Friday – Tuna Helper

Saturday – Homemade pizza

Sunday – Roasted chicken & chapatis

2 thoughts on “MPM 11 April – 17 April (Lent Edition)

  1. Bree says:

    your chicken pot pie sounds great! I’ll have to try that! Thanks!

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Thanks! Hope you enjoy it. Baba & I did (although doing diff veggies next time, only had one bag of frozen and it wasn’t the best for this), the kids didn’t. I think it may have been the veggies w/ them though. Kalila has something against zucchini lol.

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