Yesterday started off pretty bad. I made a mistake, one I was trying to watch out for and still missed by a mile. Not happy… But thankfully (and thanks to Baba) it all worked out.  Maybe even better than just working out…

In the middle of all that he got our phone plan updated, ours was so old that the amount we were paying and features we had just didn’t make sense. They did at the time… So yeah… We can send pics again, have internet, and free mobile to mobile (which we thought we had) all that fun stuff. Which means I need to look at how to do this from there because anything that gets me away from here (desk) a little more is always a good thing 😀

And then we went to look at phones because he realized we hit the point where we could do that. Honestly we didn’t think we’d find any… was supposed to be 150 off and didn’t look like that would really make it feasible. But then I saw the LG Remarq. The tag was missing so we had to ask about it lol. Now.. I didn’t think Baba would care for it much, but the whole “eco-friendly” marketing got me… I’ll admit it I’m bad about that… a few years ago I had the red razor because they sent money to Africa for every one sold. This one has an eco calendar (where you can check carbon footprint), is coated with low halogen paint, etc. And it’s cute. So I showed it to Baba.. and he looked at it a sec, walked over to some others, after a bit we agreed it was the best out of the group there… talked to the guy who works there and found out we would get them free.

Yeah, so we started off the day bad, but ended up with new phones (that I’m loving so far) and a better plan.


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