Gido’s Discovery

This happened several days ago and I’ve been trying to catch a video… unfortunately ZJ’s been too distracted to show off when I’ve had the camera on him lol. Had to share though!

For weeks (at least) we’ve been playing the “where’s your nose?” game with him… I’ve done it, Baba’s done it, Gido’s done it… I wouldn’t be surprised if Kalila’s done it lol.  He did it once at the very beginning but I’m pretty sure it was by accident, esp since he hasn’t since.  I think we’ve done ear a couple times… and I know I’ve thrown in belly button… Never thought to try head or hair though…

The other night Gido was outside and ZJ got way too excited, had to go to him… He touched Gido’s head and gave him the idea to ask “Where’s your head?”. ZJ immediately put his hands on his head! A few minutes later he did it with hair too.  He’s kept up with it too… He’ll ignore me if he’s not in the mood or distracted, but most of the time we ask, he does it. Too cute.

Since then… He still hasn’t done nose or anything like that, but he will do his feet. My fault… I play this stinky feet game w/ both kids that they love… So now if you ask him where his stinky feet are he’ll either raise his foot up or grab it 😀

Hopefully I’ll get a video up soon. I got one of the feet thing the other day, but I’d like to get both.


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