My Little Artist

I have to brag a bit… its just too cute not too.

Awhile back Kalila broke the pen off of her magna doodle type toy. Zavier found the pen and went for it every time he saw it. I decided to see what he’d do if he had the rest of the thing and he just went to town “drawing” on it. Had a blast.

This is his latest drawing… all by himself.

Pretty good for an 11 month old right? Ok yeah I know, I’m biased lol.

Here’s a pic of him using it too.

I just love watching him do it… He even holds the pen right about half the time.. amazes me.

There are more pics coming, but apparently I have to send them 2 at a time so it’ll def be awhile this time. Wanted to get this one up and have a more positive post at the top though. Despite my last one today has been a very good day.


2 thoughts on “My Little Artist

  1. lilzbear says:

    I like how well he holds the pen! 🙂
    BTW, I have been using the Doopsy inserts, and I like them a lot, they are very absorbent! They do take forever to dry though…I tumble dry all my inserts in the dryer and I still need to hang these to dry further. The Doopsy diaper is ok, but I still prefer the Fuzzibunz fit. Maybe because it is what I’m used to…

    • Mama Kalila says:

      How did I not reply before? Sorry!

      We have a couple Fuzzibunz now and I agree those are great. I really want to try the new relaxed fit Doopsy because most of my issues with it are the size. Its not bad, just not my fav because of that. The inserts though…. Hemp and bamboo do take longer to dry but I haven’t really had an issue with that. I dry on low and they still usually get dry pretty fast (just not before the others).

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