As you can prob guess I’ve been trying to write this for days lol. MPM is not happening here this week. Eek I need to get dinner in the crockpot. Today’s dinner is/was the only one planned and mostly because I didn’t do the cream cheese chicken last week and really wanted too. Plus it’s easy & I figured that’d be good today since I had a babysitting job.

Yeah.. yay, my babysitting job falling through strike is mostly over!  About 2 hours into watching the little cutie his mom came back, change of plans with school and going out of town = him going too. At least I got to watch him for a couple hours though and was probably the easiest baby sitting job I’ve ever had. Kalila’s upset he’s gone though.. and I’m sure Zavier will be too when he wakes up. He was a bit jealous while I held him, but after a couple times telling him he couldnt climb on us he stopped trying and went back to playing. Then when he was asleep Zavier started walking over to the pack n play to look at him and walked around saying “baby, baby, baby…” Cute lol.

Beyond that… I’ve gotten a ton done this week. Finally got the “hotspots” (flylady term) in the living room completely cleared… I could have the room clean and it’d still look messy because of those. Just so many of them in there, between the bookshelves, entertainment center & piano. Still have a ton to do on my list… but happy about it too. Is kinda funny how much a diff it makes when the kids are big enough to distract themselves. I’m not having to work around naptimes and (solid) snacks anymore…

Baba’s coming home in a bit too. Very much looking fwd to that. He’s been at school the past few days getting stuff done. He needed too, but we’ve missed him and I know he’s beyond exhausted. Got a message that he’s got a migrain too 😦  Not good.  The semester is almost over though and he’s been doing great.

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