Our Holy Week

Sorry I know I haven’t posted. I’d planned to post pics and everything along the way but just too much going on here. We’ve been very excited about getting to go to all of Holy Week though (at least from Holy Thurs on). Sadly its the first time we have since we got married.

Palm Sunday was nice… Kinda sad that we didn’t get a family pic this year like we usually do. Jas did get a couple of the kids.Since the last Sunday of the month is this weekend we had the luncheon then too. Stripped ZJ’s shirt off for the meal, and so glad I did lol. Can just imagine those tomatoey green beans all over it :-/  He had a blast though.Oh and he cracked me up after the palm procession too. We walked past where they keep the hosts before Mass and he looked down and said “yummy yummy!”

Holy Thurs.. I honestly don’t remember much… Is when I noticed ZJ getting more active in there. Had to chase him around a bit. Also noticed that he’s wanting milk after we go up for Communion. Baba said that Kalila did very well w/ him.

Good Friday… We were embarrassingly late. ZJ got down a lot sooner than he did the day before. Ran right up to one of his friends and tried to hug him lol. Tried to run him down a little later too.. and grabbed another baby’s nose.  They’re adorable together, but I’m trying to keep him settled down as much as possible still.Kalila made a comment about us not receiving Communion that was… interesting. Something about God forgetting the yellow buttons? Confused…

Today…  We have a bday party to go to in a bit… and Church tonight. We’re going to the vigil to make things easier on us tomorrow. I miss going anyway, used to do that every year. Gonna dye eggs later too. I am very much looking forward to that. Haven’t since I moved here and that was one of my favourite things to do. Plus I’m gonna try some natural dye methods and very excited to see how they turn out!  I’ll post pics at some point next week lol 😀


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