Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a great Easter.

I guess I spoke too soon the other night lol. We did not end up going to Mass last night… Long story, but we would have been very very late again and it just didn’t happen. We got up and went this morning instead and I’m sure it was beautiful… Baba said that Kalila was a sweetheart and behaved wonderfully.  Wasn’t so great for me, but noones fault.

There wasn’t even standing room in the cry room this morning… I tried standing out in the foyer (sp?) which was great for getting to hear everything, but between my feet killing me (which I would have put up with if not for the next part even though I was almost in tears at the thought of standing the whole Mass) and ZJ deciding he needed to grab at everything in there and screaming about it… We ended up outside the entire time. Yeah, completely missed Mass 😦

We did get a pic after though… Wish we could have gotten Baba in it too.

Came home, Baba made a salad… opened the kids gifts from Aunt Jenn & Unkie Boon. So cute.

Hunted eggs. I tried natural dyes last night & about half of them turned out well… THe blueberry ones were my favourite. The kids had a blast… Unfortunately I somehow managed to (seriously) soft boil them 😦  so no deviled eggs for us… they all went in the trash. We had fun though.

Went to the family thing and had a blast there. Kalila got to hunt eggs again. Not putting pics up on that one since at least one cousin is in those. Stuffed ourselves silly… no pics of that either lol. ZJ was a cutie… doing the shy thing a lot, but he started running around towards the end. Kalila was attached to her Uncle Trevor for a good part of the day and her cousins the rest lol.

And now I’m exhausted so I’m off.


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