My son is blue

And apparently he doesn’t want me to tell you about it. Just deleted my whole post!

We’ve had a great past couple days here though…

The kids played in the sprinkler that Aunt Jenn & Unkie Boon gave Kalila.

Sad Bubba

They wreaked havoc in their room again.

Somehow in the middle of that ZJ got ahold of a dry erase marker and drew all over his leg. Either that or Kalila did. Either way my son is now blue.. and despite me bathing him and trying to wash it off… It looks like its here to stay lol.  Pics are from right before his nap today. The marker thing happened yesterday.

ZJ had beets for the first time… Thankfully those did wash out lol. At least off his skin. The onsies gonna be fun!

Few random bedtime shots… The new camera came yesterday. I’d completely forgotten about it lol. Apparently our credit card has a rewards program for everytime you pay on time and since we didn’t know about it at first we’d had a good amount saved up. So far I love this camera.

Things I don’t have pics of…

Kalila is playing with her computer and E-Reader more… She’s reading a story on the reader right now even. I love watching her do it.

She also seems to think playing fetch with her brother is loads of fun.

ZJ… somehow has figured out how to tell when I’m beyond frusterated (ok I’m sure that’s not hard to do) and gives me kisses. So sweet.

And for some reason I’m shaking. :-/  Time to get back to work… and get something to eat.


5 thoughts on “My son is blue

  1. I love the pic of baby snuggled with Daddy while he plays Xbox 😛

    Following on Networked Blogs 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to Super Stalker Hop!

  2. Michelle says:

    My daughter is sooo like that. She is always covered in writing of some sort, or mud or whatever she can get herself into. I’m following you on Twitter now from the Super Stalker Sunday hop. Kind find GFC.

  3. Danielle says:

    My youngest daughter always draws on herself too. Her arms, legs, belly, whatever she can get the marker or pen on. My kids also make their room look like that. It’s so stressfull trying to clean it up since the minute I clean up one space, another gets messed up again. It never ends, haha.

    I’m a new follower from Super Stalker Sunday! You can find me at

    • Mama Kalila says:

      😀 Yeah I have pics of my oldest like that too…
      I’ll check out your page, may take a few days though… still dealing with after party stuff lol.

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