Bringing Back A Stream…

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ZJ is talking so much more lately… still quiet around people he doesn’t know, but opening up sooner. A lot more baby talk than anything, but real words too. And more gesturing (even pointing his finger). This morning he said “Bubba down!” when I picked him up lol. He’s also saying mama, baba, byebye, Mumble, yeah, no, phone (ok it comes out bone lol), yummy yummy, ball, boo, Gido, baby… I think that’s it lol. Is kinda funny cause he doesn’t (at least normally) chatter as much as Kalila did but he still manages to say a lot.


Yesterday we went to the mall, mostly to let the kids play (his first time at the playground) but also to find them a couple things since Granny wanted us to get Kalila a shirt and something for ZJ too. After we found Kalila’s shirt we went into Spencers (and found the cutest onsie for him) and she started dancing around. Yes we got pics. It was too cute.


Zavier… Have I mentioned he’s climbing more? He’s mastered the stepstool, loves trying to get at the sink… and I pull him off it at least 10 times a day. Trying to keep the door shut, but someone keeps leaving it open lol. Upside of the whole thing is he’s letting me brush his teeth easier now.. I guess because he sees his sis doing it up there?


Baba has his finals this week… is at one now. He’s done great this semester and no doubt they’ll go well.


Uggh! Just made the appointments. Friday is going to be crazy! Baba has to go to the dr… and it got scheduled Fri morning. We wanted to go to the BC to see everyone, get pics and all that fun stuff… it got put Friday early afternoon since they’ll all be there then lol. ZJ’s one year checkup.. Friday afternoon too. At least we’ll get it all over with right?


Kalila’s Godmother (Tia Myra) had her baby on Friday! So happy for her šŸ™‚


Got Kalila another potty book yesterday while we were out. We found the Sears one and really like it. Same format as What Baby Needs. We’ve already read it through several times lol.


Zavier fell asleep cuddling a shoe last night. Funnier… I wasn’t surprised!


I don’t normally do Blog Hops, but I saw one posted on Marni’s Organized Mess the other day that caught my attention. Silly me linked this blog and not my blogspot one, and made it difficult for everyone who is trying to follow me. GFC is really the only one that isn’t on here, and I can’t make it come up either.

On the same subject.. .I’ve come close to losing comments from people sent over from this because they’re putting addresses in the comment. Not a good idea… blogs think you are spam when you do that. As long as you’re logged in I can get all that information without a link šŸ™‚


Oh hey.. our BC appointment got moved to Weds. That’ll be nice… all we have that day is Baba’s last final early in the morning.


A few newer pictures and then I’m ending this šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Bringing Back A Stream…

  1. Keith says:

    LOVE the next to last picture. What adoration.

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