4 Years

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Yup… Today is our anniversary. I did not realize that we married on Star Wars Day lol. Apparently Baba knew… I found out on FB today and it made me laugh… of all days.

Anyways… Not really much going on here today… We got to go visit at the Birth Center earlier. That was nice… Actually got to see all the midwives this time & even got a couple pics 🙂  ZJ was walking all over the place, wasn’t really shy at all. Didn’t talk or anything but still, just all over the place

Edit: Can’t believe I forgot the funny part of this story. This morning we told Kalila we were going and she got all excited and insisted that we’re bringing home a baby girl. Thankfully she seems to have forgotten about that for now lol.

Since we were close by went to visit a friend right after that… got to talk a bit. She hasn’t seen ZJ since he was about 2 months old. Actually I think that was the last time either of us saw her lol.

Back home now… doing laundry and stuff.

Another picture and a video before I go. And yes, Kalila’s dress was inside out in the video lol. I couldn’t get her to fix it for some odd reason. Thankfully she made such a mess after lunch that I got her to change into a different outfit altogether.

One thought on “4 Years

  1. Keith says:

    Congrats on 4 years! Hope you have many more to come.

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