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Cute story from last night, but have to get there first lol.

We’ve started transitioning ZJ to his bed… I’m not really sure when we started with that. Didn’t intend to just yet, but a month or so ago I realized that’s exactly what we’re doing. He’s not sleeping there all night yet… but starts out there and sleeps at least 4 hours there most nights.  Not rushing him to do more than that… but he’s made a couple (very cute) steps with it the past two days.


I gave him a bath and decided to give him some naked time, let him air out… but he fell asleep on me lol. Was a couple hours earlier than he goes to bed, so it was pretty unexpected. I wrapped his towel around him pretty good and laid him down. A few hours later I heard him fuss and walked in to find him standing up and the towel dropping. Mention that because a) it was cute and b) its in the picture from later that night.

I got his diaper on and he went back to sleep pretty quickly after that, didn’t even have a chance to put his pj’s on. At the same time, Kalila was fighting bedtime and made herself a bed on the floor next to his. It was so cute I had to get a pic lol.

But that’s all beside the point, just wanted to share the pic there lol. A little later… quite a bit later.. close to midnight or so… Baba and I were getting ready for bed. I had to put new sheets on, so I was doing that when I heard him stir again. Made sense because he always wakes as we’re going to bed. Just has perfect timing there lol. So I started hurrying to finish before he got too upset… and then I heard footsteps. Looked up to see him stumbling into our room!

Yup… our big boy can come to us when he wakes now!


Not quite as dramatic, but I caught him hiding out playing on his bed a couple times. And right before I got him to bed tonight I told him to go to his bed… and he did! Now getting him to lay down on it instead of sit and play was a whole diff story lol. But still…


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