Mothers Day!

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Yes I know I’m a day late… I didn’t have a chance to post yesterday. I hope everyone had a good one!  We did 🙂

My day started out with ZJ waking up in a “I wanna love on my sissy” kind of mood. He crawled over and woke her up with kisses (she’d crawled into bed sometime early in the morn), and then continued kissing and hugging on her until we all got up. It was incredibly cute…

When we did get up I got him in his highchair for breakfast, turned around and caught my pants on the kitchen tile and went down hard. Thankfully I caught myself w/ my hands and didn’t get hurt very badly.

Baba got this right before we left for Church:

Church was nice… ZJ kept me busy the whole time though. There were two little boys around his age in the cry room… Only two this week, and he was the youngest of the group. Was pretty cute watching them try to hug each other and play catch with a book… but at the same time I had to pull him off the divider wall quite a few times, keep him from climbing, and off the other kids. Kalila sat with Baba until after Communion… she came back with us then and did pretty good. Didn’t sit still with me, but was quietly walking around lol.

Came back here, rested and cleaned a bit… Made my Mother’s Day calls… And then went out with Baba while Gido watched the kids.

We went and had sushi for dinner… I’ve been wanting to go for awhile so that was nice 🙂  Had to laugh cause as soon as I walked in (Baba was on the phone with one of his grandmas) the waitress asked where the kids were. I think we’ve only been once since ZJ was born… looking forward to taking him again now that he can eat stuff there. But anyways… had a nice dinner.

Then we went to see Thor. Great movie. I’m glad we got to go see it. Only problem was (and not the movie’s fault) that I started leaking milk about half way through and was in a ton of pain 😦 Was a good thing I’d borrowed one of Baba’s shirts to wear over mine (I get cold too easily) cause the pattern hid it pretty well. I was soaked though lol. Oh well.. .the movie was definitely worth it!

Got home and both kids were in their beds. I think Gido said Kalila went down pretty easily, but ZJ was a bit harder. Expected but still… poor kid kept coming to our door crying mama. He finally got him down though and he slept about another half hour after we got home.

7 thoughts on “Mothers Day!

  1. marianne says:

    I like reading your blog, but why does your little girl always have to look so messy, why don’t you tie or do something with her hair?
    When she grows up all her pics will be of her looking unkempt, sorry,but I had to mention this.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Well… I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog…

      As for my daughter, we do fix her hair… I’m going to assume by your comment that if you have children their hair is straight and/or has more weight to it. Kalila’s is not… Its somewhere between very wavy and a light curl.. .and its fine/flyaway as well. Not even touching what happens in high humidity (which we have a lot of) This makes it very difficult to do and will not stay in anything for very long. Add that she is extremely active…. Do I wish that it would behave? Sure… However I’m not going to avoid taking picture and missing memories just because my child does not look “perfect”. My guess is (or at least I hope/pray) that when she grows up she will look back at these pictures and remember how much fun she had and how much she was loved for who she is.

      On the other hand.. I am seeing a vast improvement as it gets longer, so part of me is holding out hope that this stage will end soon….

    • Ashley says:

      Or you could mind your business. That was completely rude and unnecessary. She’s a child. That’s the TIME to be a mess.

  2. Ashley says:

    Oh, and glad you had a good Mother’s Day, Kris! :]

  3. lilzbear says:

    Forget the messy hair (which is cute and not at all unusual for a healthy and active girl!) look at the smile on her face and the sparkle in her eye!

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