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Somehow managed to get sucked into FB drama today… Normally try to stay far away from it, but… well thinking about it logically I know the subject (carseat safety) is one I have trouble keeping my mouth shut about but wasn’t just that. The whole thing hit me as funny and I sat here reading comments back and forth for way too long when I have a ton I need to do. Trying to ban myself from FB for awhile until that dies down.  But since I still feel the need to procrastinate… Figured I’d share some new pictures lol.

The other night Baba took Kalila for a walk and she fell asleep on the way back.

ZJ found a tie…

Kalila posing w/ her monkey… I should have gotten another picture 2 minutes later :-/

Brother/Sister love…

Kalila asleep… thought it was too funny w/ her feet out and surrounded by stuffed animals. This is so not how she normally sleeps!

Ok… I really do need to put laundry away now…


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