Gido’s Garden

For some reason it caught my eye earlier… I was hanging up laundry and turned around to see a pretty blossom and went to go have another look.

And while I was there looked over to see how big one of the tomatoes was getting… and how eaten. 😦  Not happy…

I don’t think you can tell in the picture, but there were ants in it too. Not sure if that’s what got it to begin with or not… [cough.. Grandpa what do you think?] But either way they have to be taken care of too. My first thought was the same thing I use to keep them out and away from the house: TTO. Not sure how close to the plants I can put that though and how well it’ll work in such an open space. So online I went to get the diatomaceous earth that Grandpa’s mentioned to me a few times. I had some gift cards from Swagbucks and figured it was worth a shot. I’ll let ya know how it works when it gets here… well not right when it gets here lol.

For those of you interested, this is the one I got -> Amazon Link.


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