Blog Issues & Cute Quotes

I know last week or so Blogger was having issues, but is anyone else having problems with WordPress right now?  Obviously I can post…  I can look at my blog. I’m assuming I could comment. But I can’t see stats or my subscriptions.. which means if you’ve written something new and aren’t on my FB page then I haven’t seen it. Sorry!  I hope its fixed soon, is rather annoying.

Some random cuteness from here lately

Kalila (upset at being sent to her room and told to nap/trying to worm her way out of it): I want a baby! Baba: Not for 20 more years!

I was midway through the house when I heard those two things yelled from opposite ends earlier and it   cracked me up.

ZJ: Uh oh!

I hear this one a lot now and it still makes me smile… despite knowing at least half the time it means a mess for me to clean up. He does it most often when he strips down and pees on the floor or spills some water he steals from someone (usually Kalila). Speaking of… apparently he thinks he’s ready to learn to drink from a regular cup & is doing pretty well with that.

ZJ: Baba!  Me: He went for a walk honey… ZJ: Oh no!

Now… to be completely honest, its hard to tell “Baba” and “Bye bye” apart… so I’m not sure if he was upset that Baba wasn’t home (very possible, he’s in a Baba mood lately) or if he was upset that I didn’t understand that he wanted to go byebye (ie outside).

Kalila (distraught): Have you seen Fisher?  Me (confused): No…. Kalila: I can’t find Fisher anywhere… My girl rolly polly is missing!

Kalila: Mama you’re the best cooker ever.

Not cook, cooker… and while she may think I’m the best at that, ZJ is the best EVER according to her 🙂

Kalila: Why would anyone do that?!?!

First off this is a major Baba quote. And she said it while we were playing around with her and the basket she was hiding in… I pretended to sit on it. We couldn’t stop laughing…

I know there’s more… but its bed time. Its late and I’m tired. Just had to share some cute 🙂


4 thoughts on “Blog Issues & Cute Quotes

  1. Tania Dakka says:

    Very cute! I love your outlook! 🙂 Keep up the good work, mama!

  2. Rae says:

    I can (obviously by the time you’re reading this!) both read and comment. And my guess is that just part of’s back-end went down because I use for my site and it has been fine.

    And I love the stories. I can just imagine the last one and it makes me laugh!

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah doesn’t look like it was anything major, just mild annoyance…

      And thanks! That one was pretty funny, I almost wish we had the whole thing on video… which reminds me I have some to share! Will have to get back on later 😀

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