Need to get the MPM post up soon, but just wanted to share some pics from the zoo earlier. We had a lot of fun and thankfully the kids didn’t get too upset at leaving lol. Well… Kalila started to when we left the kids area but kept it pretty mild and we actually got complimented on how well behaved she was as we left. Didn’t last to the parking lot, but hey. It was something right? šŸ˜€

We all go nuts in the aquarium section lol... I'll be nice and just post one pic!

I lied... We were too excited about the seahorses!

ZJ loved the fish... even said fishie for the first time just after I took this!

Finally got her to smile for the camera

Okapi! My favourite animal... as usual I went picture crazy here šŸ˜€

ZJ loved the wild dogs... and this one looked up (from sleeping) when he squealed!

This little guy is new... and too cute not to get a pic of!

I love this pic... and Kalila was soaked by a water fountain minutes before lol

The kids area... He had a blast!

playing in the sand

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