Lots and Lots of Giggles

We’re just having a good week here 🙂

The kids…

Well, Kalila is taking off with this whole pretend thing. She did it before, but now… She plays “school” with her brother. She’s the teacher of course.  And she discovered “tent building” in the living room. She uses 2 or 3 chairs and some toy containers and a hamper… and covers it all with a sheet. She’s obsessed with the idea of us all having a sleep over in there lol. She’s starting to “read” more. Sometimes its her repeating the story from memory, sometimes she’s pointing out letters or numbers, and sometimes she just makes stuff up. She’s been telling me what letter random words start with lately too. And… I hope I don’t regret saying this later lol, but her biggest thing lately is that she’s been 100% completely potty trained this week.  Not one accident so far.

ZJ is as happy as ever. Yesterday he had this huge splash/giggle fit in the bathtub. I think the whole bathroom about got soaked because of it, but it was adorable!  I’ve noticed him trying to say a few new things lately too… Like belly. He’ll point to his or Kalila’s and say “Beh”. Another is bath. He’ll walk into the bathroom, point at the tub and say “Baa”.  Is odd, some things he says very clearly.. .like yummy, Mumble, mama & baby, and others he just does one syllable but is easy to tell what he means. Another of those is “Moh” (some times Moh-Moh) – remote. He still grunts and gestures (lots of pointing now too). He’s also started bringing me diapers when he wants a change. That one’s new to me, Kalila never did that lol.This isn’t new, but don’t think I’ve mentioned it… He is completely attached to his Gido. Like to the point he’ll cry over coming back to me lol. Last week we saw him try to push Kalila out of Gido’s arms too… Starting to show some jealousy there. Not just with him, he does it with me too. He randomly goes off and plays in his room now… usually with Kalila, but by himself too. Can walk backwards now… And right now I’m watching him try to put a pocket diaper on himself!

Mama and Baba?

Lets see… I’ve been in the writing mood lately, which has me very very happy. Has been a long time.  Other than that…. I forgot to mention it on here, but GroVia did a promotion this month for their new affiliate program. Every one who joined in May gets a free GroVia shell. I did that on my blogspot blog. The shell came in earlier this week. Very excited about it because we needed new covers badly… We’ve only used it twice so I’m not ready to do a whole post on it (and not sure which place I’ll put it when I do), but so far I like it a lot. Have to show off a pic cause I think its adorable too.

Baba is the one with real news though 🙂  He got a new job yesterday. We’re all excited about it. He’s there doing paperwork right now, but starts on Tuesday.

Ok ZJ just ran from me with a marker so I need to go save our walls.. and his skin.. from his artwork lol.


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