Not a Typical Night…

We had just the cutest night last night…

We got home just a little past the kids bedtime, and both kids were sound asleep. Baba laid Kalila down on our bed (because he always does when bringing her in from the truck) and she actually stayed asleep. I’d say surprisingly so, but after the day she had we expected her to crash.  ZJ on the other hand, woke up and wanted to nurse. I ended up sitting here at the computer with him for a little bit before Baba and I decided we were going to bed early.

That’s when it really started. I laid down with ZJ. After a few minutes he freaked out over some spilled milk on the bed. He kept hitting at it… and then found a little hand towel (not sure why it was there, but it was lol) and started trying to wipe it up. Then he wiped the walls, his feet… and tried to hide it under a pillow. Laid on it, cuddled with it… It was adorable.

Then… He crawled over and kissed Kalila. She mumbled something about how sweet he was… and then he hit her face. We both told him no. He gave her kisses again. He did that several times… and then lightly touched her lips and pretended to eat them (you know doing the hand to mouth thing like he’s taking a bite). Kissed her again. I almost didn’t want to stop him, but afraid he’d wake her up… I kept pulling him away.  Baba came to bed and started reading somewhere in the middle of all that and ZJ started climbing all over him.

ZJ finally settled down when the lights went out… and then Kalila woke up in the middle of the night.  She was hungry… I’m not sure if she really was or not but I wasn’t arguing at that point, trying to keep a fit from happening cause I knew she woke up all disoriented and everything. When I got up with her she started asking for her new friend (by name) and was upset that he wasn’t here. Thankfully after a few crackers she came back to bed very easily and went right to sleep.

They woke up obscenely early this morning. Thankfully its almost time for his first nap… I’m getting him ready for it now. If only Kalila would take one too lol.


2 thoughts on “Not a Typical Night…

  1. Lil Z-Bear says:

    I love reading these little snippets of your life and your two cute kids! I’ve been slacking lately on reading blogs, but I am trying to catch up… Z is looking so big now! And K is sweet as ever!

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