Cheerio Hockey & My Funny Boy

Today’s basically (or at least I hope) the last day before our grocery run and somehow the things we ran out of were… well… made things interesting today lol. No bread, no pasta… What to do for lunch? Thankfully we do have lots of rice. I haven’t made any in forever because for some reason I’m having bad luck with it lately. Either it burns or it doesn’t cook all the way. I can stand right there over it the whole time and still. It’s bad We blamed it on the brown rice… tried to do a pot of white rice and the same thing happened only worse. The only thing that didn’t turn out so bad is my Spanish Rice… Casseroles worked, but still crunchy in places too. Point being I’ve been a bit afraid of rice lately, which meant plenty here for lunch.

I think I figured out what to do for brown rice here… by accident. I read the directions about 5 times… says to bring it to a rolling boil. So I decided to let it boil longer… and forgot about it! Eek! It was almost dry… I added more water and started it up again, planning to turn down soon… because it hadn’t burned and was starting to look right. Hmmm… Long story short by the end my rice looked good.  I ended up mixing in cream cheese, sauce and chicken…. No idea how this is gonna taste.. but its pink so Kalila should be thrilled.  (note: is cooling now).

Now.. while I was cooking this… The kids decided to get into the pantry. They started sneaking Cheerios. Not too surprised, it’s happened before. I walked out of the room for a second and then I started hearing giggles, lots and lots of giggles. That should have clued me in right? I walked back in to find Cheerios all over the floor.  I’m a mean mama… I made Kalila get the two kid sized brooms and start working on getting it up. She got to teach ZJ how to do it too lol.  Yeah… that worked for all of 5 minutes before it turned into a game of cheerio hockey. Lots of laughing.. Kind of hard to be mad about it… It was pretty cute 🙂

Kalila decided she’s had enough of that though and is wiping windows and doors with a wet rag  instead. Yay for cleaning moods! Having trouble getting her to stop and eat though… Brb.

Ok food wasn’t bad… Not great, not bad. Kalila was not happy with it though. oh well.

On a completely different note: I have some pics to share with you from the past couple weeks.

ZJ is so funny… During the whole no computer period I was on the phone one day when I looked over and saw this:

Thankfully there’s nothing in that cabinet, so that’s not an issue. Was just funny to see. He’s been doing it ever since then. I got a few more pictures in the last week too.Only posting one, the others are all blurry.

That’s not the only thing he’s been getting into either. He loves getting in drawers. There’s one under the oven that we constantly find stuff in, and worse he’ll open it while I’m cooking on the stove and catch my feet! He’ll put things in the diaper pail and toilet if we’re not careful. Yeah a whole new reason to keep the bathroom shut… He’ll do it with the trash and recycling too. I finally had to move the recycling into the laundry room because I can’t keep him out of it. Thankfully he’s better about listening to me on the trash.  Oh and he’s decided that one of our little trash cans (for the rooms) is a good push toy. He carries/pushes it everywhere.

Ok… need to get back to dishes… and find something for the kids to play with that’s a little less likely to end badly… They just knocked over a hamper to use for a slide :-/


2 thoughts on “Cheerio Hockey & My Funny Boy

  1. Lil Z-Bear says:

    What is it with babies and cabinets? They are so fascinated by them and just can’t seem to get enough of them!

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