I walked out of the bathroom a bit ago to find this:



Apparently she wanted to make a tent. I can’t figure out for the life of me why that required her to move every single piece of furnature, every toy, every THING towards the door… Or how they got it done in such little time.

She certainly seems proud of herself though.

Btw before anyone goes there… Yes her hair was done today, she even had a bath less than an hour ago. This style is what happens when she throws a major fit and then runs around pushing furnature around like a mad woman girl.

Ok… now to go help them clean up that mess… So not happy.

2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Keith says:

    that’s impressive.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah… I’ll give her that lol. I told Jas I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or lose my temper… has not been the best afternoon (aggrivated by skipping a meal, something I should NOT have done). I guess the mixed emotions were good though, gave me time to calm down. I still have work to do, but at least the furniture’s all back lol.

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