We’re thinking its just teething, because he does have one breaking through right now… But ZJ is sick.  I was really hoping it’d be over when he woke up today, but no… His fever is still there… a tiny bit higher than yesterday (it was 101.6 yesterday and .9 today). Not very high either way, but enough that he doesn’t feel great and its obvious. He’s very cuddly and not doing as much. He did get down and play some yesterday afternoon. Got ahold of the markers at one point and tried to draw on the board. Only thing that makes me wonder if he really caught something is he threw up all over me last night. Slept well though and hasn’t done it again so far. We’ll see. Keeping an eye on him and spending extra cuddle time of course. I know he’s ok, but so hard not to worry.

ETA a couple pictures:

This was yesterday during breakfast

And this morning. Sorry had to do a closeup, he took off his diaper before falling asleep lol.


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